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Research Articles

Isolation of antagonistic Trichoderma spp. against selected phytopathogenic fungi from the field soils in Kelantan

Naher, L., Hazreen, N., Aqilah, N., Aminah, S. M. Z., Siddiquee, S.

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Downstream processing of mosquitocidal toxins from solid state fermentation of Lysinibacillus sphaericus and Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis

El-Bendary, M. A., Moharam, M. E., Hamed, S. R., Mohamed, S. S.

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Natural and controlled fermentation of Lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus) for daddawa production

Farinde, E. O., Abiose, S. H., Adeniran, H. A.

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Inhibition of marine biofouling by aquatic Actinobacteria and coral-associated marine bacteria

Waturangi, D. E., Purwa Hariyanto, J., Lois, W., Hutagalung, R. A., Hwang, J. K.

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Identification and lactic acid production of bacteria isolated from soils and tree barks

Tolieng, V., Prasirtsak, B., Sitdhipol, J., Thongchul, N., Tanasupawat, S.

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Screening and identification of indigenous cellulolytic bacteria from indonesian coffee pulp and investigation of its caffeine tolerance ability

Arimurti, S., Nurani, Y., Ardyati, T., Suharjono, S.

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The role of Aspergillus oryzae KKB4 in reducing and detoxifying aflatoxin B1 applied in moist-heated corn

Carolina, S. D., Setyabudi, F. M. C. S., Sardjono

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Screening and characterization of plant growth promoting traits of phosphate solubilizing bacteria isolated from wheat rhizosphere of Algerian saline soil

Chibani, H. R., Bouznad, A., Bellahcene, M., Djibaoui, R.

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Investigation of phylogroups and some virulence traits among cervico-vaginal Escherichia coli (CVEC) isolated for female in Hilla City, Iraq

Al-Khaqani, M. M., Alwash, M. S., Al-Dahmoshi, H. O.

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Effect of biofertilizer on the diversity of nitrogen-fixing bacteria and total bacterial community in lowland paddy fields in Sukabumi West Java, Indonesia

Masrukhin, Rusmana, I., Mubarik, N. R.

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