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Occurrence of Campylobacter in dogs and cats in Selangor Malaysia and the associated risk factors

Mohammed, D. G., Abdul-Aziz, S., Dhaliwal, G. K., Zakaria, Z., Bitrus, A. A., Jalo, I. M., Aung, W. W., Mohamed, M. A., Aliyu, A. B.

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Antibiotic resistance profiles of Staphylococcus pseudintermedius isolated from dogs and cats

Mohamed, M. A., Abdul-Aziz, S., Dhaliwal, G. K., Bejo, S. K., Goni, M. D., Bitrus, A. A., Muhammad, J. I.

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Ability of endophytic fungi isolated from Nepenthes ampullaria to degrade polyurethane

Bong, S. W. L., Wong, C., Al-Obaidi, J. R., Rahmad, N., Mujahid, A., Müller, M

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Consortium of heterotrophic nitrification bacteria Bacillus sp. and its application on urea fertilizer industrial wastewater treatment

Wardhani, S., Ridho, M. R., Arinafril, Arita, S., Ngudiantoro

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Screening of endophytic fungi for biofuel feedstock production using palm oil mill effluent as a carbon source

Sia, E. S. A., Yeo, J. S. H., Wong, J. W. M., Choo, J. C. Y., Wong, C., Mujahid, A., Müller, M.

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Effect of pH, heat treatment and enzymes on the antifungal activity of lactic acid bacteria against Candida species

Bulgasem, B. Y., Hassan, Z., Huda-Faujan, N., Ali, R. H., Lani, M. N., Alshelmani, M. I.

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Characterization of phosphate solubilizing bacteria and nitrogen fixing bacteria from limestone mining region

Fitriyanti, D., Mubarik, N. R., Tjahjoleksono, A.

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Actinobacteria from soil as potential free radical scavengers

kaur, J., Manhas, R. K., Rani, R., Arora, S.

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Whole genome analysis of Klebsiella: Unique genes associated with isolates from Indonesian tempeh

Cesrany, M., Yulandi, A., Rusmana, I., Suwanto, A.

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Effects of Chloroprocta sp. maggot filtrates on extracellular matrix reduction and embedded Staphylococcus epidermidis viability

Utami, D. A., Titik, N., Riwanto, I., Hendro, W.

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Genotypic and phenotypic characterization of methicillin resistance determinants and β-lactamase in Staphylococcus species

Abdul Rachman, A. R., Mat Azis, N., Pung, H. P., Suhaili, Z., Amin Nordin, S., Othman, Z., Mohd Desa, M. N.

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Inter and intra termites colonies comparisons of gut microbial diversity from worker and soldier caste of Globitermes sulphureus (Blattodea: Termitidae) using 16S rRNA gene

Hussin, N. A., Ab Majid, A. H.

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Metagenome analysis of tempeh production: Where did the bacterial community in tempeh come from?

Radita, R., Suwanto, A., Kurosawa, N., Wahyudi, A. T., Rusmana, I.

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Characterization and comparison of phytase production by Bacillus and Paenibacillus strains from Thai soils

Khianngam, S., Pootaeng-On, Y., Sonloy, A., Kajorn-aroonkij, J., Tanasupawat, S.

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Selective cytotoxicity of bioluminescent bacteria isolated from fresh ink of Philippine squid on human colon cancer and normal cell lines

Luyon, J. P., Oyong, G. G. , Cabrera, E. C.

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The potential of a novel β-specific dehalogenase from Bacillus cereus WH2 as a bioremediation agent for the removal of β-haloalkanoic acids

Muslem, W. H., Edbeib, M. F., Abdul Wahab, R., Khalili, E., Zakaria, I. I., Huyop, F.

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Effects of storage temperatures on survival and enterotoxin production of Staphylococcus aureus in Turkish white pickled cheese

Baran, A., Erdoğan, A., Atasever, M.

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Evaluation of enzymatic activity and phenolic compounds during microbial transformation of curcuma longa to vanillin

Jimoh, S. O., Bakare, R. I., Adefioye,N. A., Lawal, A. O., Shittu, M. A.

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Adherence of Streptococcus pneumoniae and expression analysis of neuraminidase gene (NanA and NanB) after interaction of A549 human lung epithelial cells with pneumococcal strains of various serotypes

Abdul Rahim, E., Mohd-Zain, Z., Hussaini, J., Hwa Wong, E., Lwin Nyein, L., N. Parasakthi, Adnan, A., Palanisamy, N. K.

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Shotgun metagenomic analysis of microbial communities in the surface waters of the Eastern South China Sea

Song, J., Mujahid, A., Lim, P-T., Samah, A. A., Quack, B., Pfeilsticker, K., Tang, S-L., Ivanova, E., Müller, M.

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Antagonistic activity of Streptomyces thermocarboxydus to Fusarium oxysporum: The cause of leaf rot disease on Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis Mill.) in Bali, Indonesia

Kawuri, R., Suprapta, D. N., Nitta, Y.

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Review Articles

Estimation of growth in solid state fermentation: A review

Abdul Manan, M., Webb, C.

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Microbial isolation and degradation of selected haloalkanoic aliphatic acids by locally isolated bacteria: A review

Ismail, S. N. F., Wahab, R. A., Huyop, F.

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