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Local strains Aspergillus oryzae KKB4 and Rhizopus oryzae KP1R1 as a reducing and detoxifying agents for deoxynivalenol

Arifin, A. A., Setyabudi, F. M. C. S., Sardjono.

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Efficiency of chitosan and eggshell on harvesting of Spirulina sp. in a bioflocculation process

Lai, Y. H., Md Azmi, F. H., Fatehah, N. A., Puspanadan, S., Lee, C. K.

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Assessment of cultivation parameters influencing the growth, pigment production and anti-MRSA activity of Pseudoalteromonas rubra BF1A IBRL isolated from Malaysian marine environment

Azlinah, M. S., Darah, I., Norhana, N. W.

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Nutrient compositions of distillers dried grain from rice husks with co-culture fermentation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae with Candida tropicalis

Sopandi, T., Surtiningsih, T., Wardah.

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Prevalence of extended spectrum β-lactamase and ampc β-lactamase producing bacteria in urinary tract infection patients in Bangladesh

Mitu, F. S., Maruf, M. A. A., Mahanty, A., Huda, A. K. M. N., Khan, S. A., Rahman, M. M.

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Effect of bio-liquid organic fertilizer on the growth of Dipterocarpus alatus Roxb seedlings in the pot experiment

Riddech, N., Sarin, P., Phibunwatthanawong, T.

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Production, characterization and antibacterial activity of prodigiosin pigment produced by Pseudoalteromonas rubra BF1A IBRL associated with a marine macroalgae Enteromorpha sp.

Sulaiman, A. M., Ibrahim, D., Noordin, W. N.

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Identification of pathogenic bacteria on the salted fish Lutjanus vivanus in Sorong City of West Papua

Sukmawati., Hardianti, F., Sipriyadi., Aziz, I. R.

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In-vitro antileptospiral activity of Canarium odontophyllum Miq. (Dabai) leaves extract

Ishak, S. A., Ariffudin, S., Azmi, F. F., Hamid, A., Ibrahim, L., Basri, D. F.

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Effects of carbon source and additives on biomass, exopolysaccharide production and morphology of Pleurotus ostreatus in submerged cultivation

Othman, N. Z., Mohd. Din, A. R. J., Zakaria, K. H. N., Ramli, S., Yeng, L. H., Abd. Rashid, S. N., Mohd. Yunus, M. M., Sarmidi, M. R.

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Study on the killing effect of cold atmospheric pressure plasma on MRSA Staphylococcus aureus in vitro and in vivo infection model

Namini, Y. N., Heidarzadeh, S., Khaledi, A., Abbasi, E., Abbasi, A., Esmaeili, D.

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Review Articles

Antibacterial properties of Moringa oleifera

Shamim, S., Raza, U.

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