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Copyright and Manuscript Withdrawal Policy

Copyright policy of Malaysian Journal of Microbiology

Malaysian Journal of Microbiology adapts to the Creative Commons, CC BY-NC 4.0 license in publishing open access articles. Under this license, anyone may copy, redistribute and reuse the articles for any non-commercial purposes, as long as the author and the original source of the article are properly cited.


Article withdrawal policy of Malaysian Journal of Microbiology

Malaysian journal of Microbiology reserves the rights to retract any published manuscripts in the case of suspected plagiarism or any scientific misconducts. All requests for withdrawal of manuscripts before or after publishing will only be entertained if a formal written request is made to the editor of MJM. Approvals for withdrawal of manuscripts wholly depends on the consideration of the editor and the editorial board of MJM. No refunds for the manuscript publishing charges will be made in the event of withdrawal after the manuscript has been published. 


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