Message from Editor - Volume 16 (2020)

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Dear Readers,

Happy New Year 2020!

In 2019, MJM published a total of 7 issues which included 6 regular issues [Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec] and 1 special issue. All of the issues for 2019 have been published on time both in print and online. Each issue comprised 10 articles.  

Over the years, the number of submissions to MJM have been increasing steadily. In response to the increasing number of manuscripts, MJM has increased the number of issues from 4 to 6 per year beginning 2019. Despite the increase in submission rates, MJM maintained its quality as reflected by the high rejection rate (74%) and rigorous peer reviewing process. Recently, more works from local authors are being published. In 2019, a total of 60 articles were published, among which 30 were from local authors and another 30 from international authors. This indicates a good balance in manuscript contributions from both local as well as international authors. 

One special issue was published in 2019 for the Asean Microbial Biotechnology Conference (AMBC) 2018. This special issue was published as issue No. 4 and contained 12 research articles with 8 from local authors.

Since January 2019, a total of 282 manuscripts were submitted to MJM, of which 45 manuscripts (16%) were accepted for publication and 208 manuscripts (74%) were rejected. The remaining 29 (10%) are still in in the peer review process. Out of the 282 manuscripts, 61 manuscripts (22%) were submitted by local authors while the rest (78%) were submitted by authors from other countries as shown in the table.

Since 2018, MJM has been operating using an automated Journal Management System (JMS) This year, iThenthicate, a similarity checking tool has been incorporated into the system as a new feature. This enables the initial manuscript pre-screening to be more efficient to exclude  submissions with high plagiarism index. We strive to increase the quality and visibility of MJM while the cost of publication remains affordable.

On behalf of the Editorial Board, I would like to thank all contributors for choosing MJM to publish their excellent works. I am also very grateful to all our expert reviewers for their time and voluntary efforts to be a part of our peer review process.

Enjoy reading MJM and thank you for your continuous support!


Prof. Dr. K. Sudesh Kumar FASc
Chief Editor MJM